Call for autonomous actions during the COP15

In the era of the sixth planetary mass extinction, the international bourgeoisie is gathering to pretend to manage the biodiversity crisis. This is a distraction: their goal is to further the commercialization of nature in order to better enrich themselves on the erosion of biodiversity. This is in fact about forcing the countries of the global South to manage the problems caused by the ecocidal policies of the global North. Nothing positive can come out of this summit. We must come to terms with the severity of this situation and act accordingly.

COP15 will not be unimpeded


A campaign against the holding of COP15 has been organized for several months. Demonstrations to block COP15 are being organized by the Anti-Capitalist and Environmentalist Coalition Against COP15.


Call for solidarity within the environmentalist movement

The following is a call to be widely distributed to and adopted by community groups.

The situation we are facing is dramatic and the inadequacy of the actions being taken by governments is obvious to us all. No matter whether our groups, organizations, NGOs or associations choose to support or oppose the actions of these conferences, we can easily agree on the extent of the work to be done. However, the COP15 in Montreal in December is likely to crystallize important points of disagreement on how to proceed with these kinds of international summits.

Call for an anti-capitalist contigent within the December 10th demonstrations

It can no longer be seriously disputed that our way of life is destroying the planet: the number of animal and plant species disappearing each year is alarming; and the rate of their extinction is one hundred to one thousand times higher than before capitalism. It seems that we are destined to continue watching the sad parade of frogs, birds and corals from the "vulnerable" to the "endangered" box until we soon find ourselves marching right there alongside them.