Call for autonomous actions during the COP15

In the era of the sixth planetary mass extinction, the international bourgeoisie is gathering to pretend to manage the biodiversity crisis. This is a distraction: their goal is to further the commercialization of nature in order to better enrich themselves on the erosion of biodiversity. This is in fact about forcing the countries of the global South to manage the problems caused by the ecocidal policies of the global North. Nothing positive can come out of this summit. We must come to terms with the severity of this situation and act accordingly. Governments are not protecting us: they are driving us into a wall.

That's why we need all the help we can get to fight the COP15 in Tio'tia:ke (Montreal). We are calling for autonomous actions to disrupt the summit that will take place at the convention center from December 7 to 19. 

While millions of dollars have already been dedicated to security, the spotlight will increasingly be on Tio'tia:ke, and it is essential that we make clear to everyone that we will not let the rich continue to plunder the planet. Let's get our claws out. 

If you want to coordinate with us on these actions you can visit, where a list of events is already available.